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The New York Times Makes a Sartorial-Meets-Political Faux Pas

Image via Gothamist
Image via Gothamist

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The venerable New York Times is always fun to poke fun at—whether for discovering the wonders of Brooklyn a tad late in the game (yeah, Brian Williams!), or observing the charm of flea marketing, um, pretty late in the game. Well, today, Gothamist sheds some hilarious light on a case of mistaken phonetic pronunciation—or overzealous spell check corrector—as the Gray Lady referred to the fashion website Fashism as Mussolini's favorite past time "Fascisms".

Oddly enough, the typo appeared in a profile piece of a prolific technology entrepreneur by the name of Ashton Kutcher. The newspaper went to print with the correction, but those wily folks at Gothamist managed to unearth a re-published online version still carrying the chuckle inducing typo.
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