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Topshop's Floral Pop-Up Is a Very Open Secret

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Right now, there's a Topshop employee standing in front of the store's Broadway entrance, handing out fliers for the pop-up shop upstairs. So much for the secret hideaway we were picturing. While the space isn't exactly a hidden hobbit-hole, though, the special entrance and armloads of flowers do make it feel like a shelter from the tourist chaos of Soho.

Located at the top of the escalator on the second floor, the pop-up, which opened today, announces itself with a false front designed to look like a florist's shop. You can't miss it, especially since there's a sign announcing that it's a secret pop-up standing front and center. Inside is a lovely little room dominated by an antique wooden table full of jewelry. Pieces from Topshop's designer collaborations hang on the walls, including a woven leather Ann-Sofie Back spangled with dreamcatchers for $280. (We're told a matching necklace will arrive in-store later this week.) Prices are a little steep, if totally in keeping with Topshop's usual range for special pieces: A lace dress is $550, a floral top is $175, and a delicate white gown the salespeople referred to as "Amish" goes for $350. It's all very limited-edition, so get there fast—Topshop only produced as few as 30 pieces for some styles.
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