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Lady Gaga Spent Nearly $1000 on Her Own Album at Best Buy

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Image via Getty

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Hey kids, let's play another round of Lady Gaga's Baffling Retail Appearances! Previous episodes have included the Lady appearing sans pants at ABC Carpet and fooling the Meatpacking District into thinking she was opening a store. This time around, Gaga wasn't just browsing, but actually spending. On Monday night, at a launch event for her new album at the Union Square Best Buy, she reportedly bought $995 worth of copies of her own CD, then threw in an armful or two of Zynga game cards that came with free downloads of the album. Listen, it's a tough business—it helps to be your own biggest fan. Say what you will about her promotion tactics, but Gaga certainly supports her public; she stuck around till past midnight signing autographs.
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