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Annie Havlicek Becomes the Lower East Side's Latest Retail Casualty

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Bowery Boogie reports that Annie Havlicek's Orchard Street store shuttered over the weekend. This news comes just days after Stanton Streets's Convent announced that it would be closing, and not long after a "Store for Rent" sign appeared outside of Bag, which is also on Orchard. Even In God We Trust, which has successful locations in other neighborhoods, recently moved out of the area. Granted, Annie Havlicek's store developed from an ongoing sale last year, so it always felt a little temporary. But this pattern of closings still doesn't bode well for the Lower East Side—especially since we're not seeing a pattern of openings to match.
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In God We Trust

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Annie Havlicek

154 Orchard Street, New York NY