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Bleecker Street Ralph Laurens Both Shuttered, Seemingly Overnight

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In what seems like a mysterious midnight move, both the ladies' and men's Ralph Lauren boutiques on Bleecker Street have been hastily emptied and closed. All the signs have been dismantled and the windows are haphazardly (and somewhat ineffectively) shrouded by white paint smudges. The only clues that remain are signs on the doors directing loyal shoppers to the recently-opened Prince Street location. It seemed like even the neighborhood residents were not apprised of the situation, as a mother and child straight out of Ralph Lauren ad walked by and expressed surprise and dejection upon learning of the news.

A look inside both shops reveal seemingly looted interiors, deprived of pretty clothes and posh displays. Oddly, store employees left the cash register in the men's shop behind. Boxes, paper and random items are scattered about on the floors and the neglected remnants of Hamptons-esque window displays (scattered and broken seashells, wilting floral stems, piles of pebbles) are still visible behind the paint smears.

What's next for the space: A company rep has confirmed that a Ralph Lauren brand will move in. As for which one, stay tuned. In the meantime, let's ponder this rumor on the street: A Ralph Lauren shop will be moving in next to one of the Apple Stores. The Meatpacking District, perhaps?
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