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Inside the Tibi Sale, It Finally Feels Like Summer

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Along with a slew of fresh-faced Tibi poster girls, we dropped by the early morning preview of the ladylike brand's overstock and sample sale. The sale, which opens to the public at noon sharp, takes place in a new location—The Happy Monkey Studio, a moniker totally synergistic with the cheerful summery hues, peppy prints, and profusion of warm weather party dresses on offer.

The dresses and separates are organized on racks determined by price point. Overstock dresses start at $100 for sorbet-hued strapless frocks, more autumnal cap-sleeve and embellished numbers, and a pretty, seasonless LBD with a rough-edge ruffle shoulder detail, and go to $165 for resort and early spring pieces. Those racks, featuring scarf prints, jewel embellishments, lovely lace, tweedy textures, gold embroidery, and sequins, seemed to be the most popular. (We especially liked the seafoam green one-shouldered Farrah frock.) The dresses then run to $200 for floral dresses near the door and up to $300 for more intricate floor length gowns made gorgeous with jewel embellishments and party-ready sequins.

For separates, pricing runs $50 for off-season skirts, $75 for heavier pants, $90 for seasonal shorts (non-leather), $115 for spring tops and skirts, $125 for spring pants, and jackets and light coats for $175. If you're looking for an off-season leather deal, leather and suede paneled jackets are $350, the trenches are $650, and super cute shorts (especially in the two-tone mushroom style) are $225.

But we have our minds on summer, so let's stay focused. Swimsuit separates are $20 for tops and $20 for bottoms (no try-ons, obvi) and cover-ups are $50. Also, summery shoes run $122 for flat gladiator sandals and $180 for slingback loafer wedges.

Let's talk the samples. The staffers were still loading up the racks this morning, but from the looks of things, tops are priced at $75 and dresses $100. There is also a somewhat picked-over $50 bin, but staffers promise that the samples will be replenished regularly throughout the sale, so we have high hopes. Also, if you find yourself in doubt sample-wise, ask. We found the sample version of this beautiful seafoam green beaded gown (retailing at $748) on the Resort rack. Slight confusion ensued as it seemed like it should be priced at $100, but two staffers said it was $165. There was a big water stain on the bodice anyway, so the point was moot, but definitely check the tags and don't be shy about confirming pricing with any of the Tibi-clad staffers.

Also, if you're a shoe size 8 or 9, look for the chocolate brown $50 runway sample clogs hiding under the knits tables. The shoes were handsewn in the showroom and in pretty fab condition if we do say so ourselves.

Final words of note: There is a bag and coat check at the front, so be prepared. There is also a small fitting area at the back, but it's petite, so from past experiences, expect a line. The preview was already getting kind of bonkers 30 minutes in, and we can only imagine what the public sale will be like. There is backstock of additional sizes, so ask the staffer if you don't see your size; the samples will be replenished daily. We saved the best for last: There will be further reductions on a regular basis.
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