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The Yumi Kim Sale is Not For the Faint of Heart

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This season's Yumi Kim sale has switched locations from the Garment District to the diminutive Project 234 boutique in Nolita—which makes sense since the shop is owned by Yumi Kim designer Kim Phan. Now that the sale has headed both downtown and down space-wise, it's pretty close quarters this time around. Also, the pricing isn't quite as mindblowing as the last couple times (bye bye $35 tops and $50 frocks), but it's still quite good, with deals starting at $50 for tops. Inflation, perhaps?

The price jump didn't deter the crush of lunch hour humanity we found pillaging racks and bins of silky dresses, floral tops, and flirty rompers. At least the pricing won't give anyone an anxiety migraine, as it's completely straightforward: Tops are $50, dresses are $65, maxi-dresses are $75, and rompers are $60. The slightly hard-to-wear Natalie jumper is priced separately at just $35 and we saw a few of those hanging on the racks, too.

Also on the racks, we saw the ruffled, one-shoulder Lanie dress in teal (retailing $198), the Natalie maxi-dress in aqua (retailing at $215), the ubiquitous zip-front romper in various electrified hues, plus a plethora of floral print, graphic pattern and vintage-inspired frocks and tops. Some of which we recognized from past sales. If there were samples, they were mixed into the bunch. Sizing is completely random and dependent on the style.

As for the bins, even a staffer said that they're basically a "free for all" stuffed with a chaos of frocks and tops entangled together with no regard for size or season. She did however emphasize that treasures could be found within each box if you're willing to dig.

As for logistical notes, here are few: There are two lone private dressing rooms. Forget about fitting al fresco on the boutique floor—there's zero space and while we were there, we witnessed one lone, shell-shocked male standing amidst the crush. We suggest knowing your size before you go or resigning yourself to a long wait. Cash and credit are both accepted and they will not be replenishing or reducing pricing. Consider yourself forewarned. How badly do you want it?
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