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HomeGoods, the TJ Maxx of Furniture, Opens Uptown

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Image via Madison Avenue Spy

Shopping for housewares in Manhattan just got a little bit easier with the Upper West Side debut of HomeGoods, the furniture-focused chain from the people behind TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Unlike the city's current affordable design options—Ikea, CB2, West Elm—HomeGoods is all about big brand names at marked-down prices. The kitchen section carries All-Clad, Cuisinart and Calphalon; the kiddie section carries Maclaren; and Madison Avenue Spy even found Pratesi sheet sets in the bedding section reduced from $1100 to $499.

HomeGoods occupies a chunk of the Columbus Square development at 100th and Columbus, putting it directly across the street from Whole Foods. Its presence certainly won't make the neighborhood feel less suburban, but it does make sense for young families and professional types who want to fill up their apartments without too much hassle. As for downtowners and the occasional stray Brooklynite, they can take advantage of the delivery policy, which charges $17 for five bags of merchandise. (Furniture delivery is more complicated, as it always seems to be.)

If you go, know that the usual off-price rules apply. Some of the merchandise has been manufactured specifically for discounters, and while other items have minor defects keeping them off the shelves at full-price stores. As for the atmosphere, the Shophound sums it up like this: "If you like rummaging through the dusty basement at Century 21 for a great deal on a set of knives of a discounted frying pan, then spacious, well-lit Home Goods will feel like a luxury store. If you have no patience for that sort of thing, then by all means, stick to Bloomingdale's."
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