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Part of Nicola Formichetti's Pop-Up Might Look Like a Flower Shop

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Lady Gaga stylist and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti is going to have his very own pop-up shop this September. As a part of BOFFO's Building Fashion Design Competition—which pairs architects and fashion designers to create installations and re-imagine normal, everyday spaces—Formichetti will be running probably the weirdest store you've ever walked into this September from the 1st to the 14th.

Formichetti will apparently be divvying up his space into four spaces; according to a recent Tweet, he's looking for an architect, though he could really use about ten. As he explains in the video after the jump, the four elements he's planning to include are nature, digital space, minimal space, and something like a punk rock vintage store (or as he says later, punk rock baroque. Whichever). He also adds that one part of it might look like a flower shop. While he'd love to have a Japanese girl working there—he's got to staff it with somebody—he'd also like to have Zombie Boy "selling fucked up leather jackets, or something." You know, stuff like that.

Formichetti goes on to compare the whole thing to his Tumblr, which actually makes the most sense since it sounds like a bunch of random, unrelated things packed into one area. For more fascinating noun-adjective combinations (and to bypass most of the Lady Gaga references), skip to 1:45.

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