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The Sigerson and Morrison Sale: It May Be Time to Give Up Hope

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Not even the Man—or in this case, Marc Fisher—could keep the crowds away for the renegade Sigerson and Morrison shoe sale this afternoon. The public brouhaha over the brand name turned out to be a publicity boon for original designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison, as a long and constantly growing line of shoppers bravely waited over an hour in the rain for a chance at snagging some epic deals on the remains of the now defunct Sigerson Morrison Laboratory Boutique.

The windows and doors of the Steven Scarloff gallery are shrouded in bold disclaimer posters, concealing the contents of the sale from those anxiously waiting outside. Well, if the sight of dejected shoppers walking out empty handed isn't an indication of what to expect, then we're here to give you the full lowdown.

First off, if you're not in that mongo line already, you might want to pin your hopes on the next big shoe sale (we hear rumblings of a Loeffler Randall one—stay tuned). The line is loooong and it's moving at a snail's pace. Also, as mentioned earlier, size 6 and 6.5 are dunzo and there's not much hope left for size 7 (which consisted mostly of the aforementioned $300+ python heels). Size 7.5 is all pricey skins and 8.5 is still hopeful, but the sizes that hold the most opportunity (as of 2:16pm anyway) are size 9 to 11.

As for pricing, we hate to say it, but the two-digit prices teased earlier were pretty much just that—a teaser. The Belle gladiator sandals are $65, Belle shoes $75 (mainly woven oxfords in large sizes), and Belle boots are $125, but we barely saw any around. (If you spot a white box, grab it). The pricing breakdown is as follows: Elusive sandals are $135, shoes are $175, booties are $200, reptile sandals are $250, boots are $275, reptile shoes are $300, reptile booties are $375 and reptile boots are $500. Since the sale is populated by mostly reptile booties, be ready to drop at least $300 if you really want some Sigerson Morrison.

There are also luxe leather and python bags on offer, but no one paid them any mind—probably because they're so expensive and you can't wear them on your feet. Just so we're thorough, a sampling of the bag pricing includes: A mini-pony clutch is $390 (originally $770) and a slouchy red python shoulder bag is $875 (originally $1700).

They're only letting in a few people at a time, so it's nice to shop inside (if they have your size, that is), but it's no fun when you're standing out in the rain for over an hour. Cash and credit are accepted. When we left, the line still wrapped around the block and showed no sign of dwindling. They're not replenishing either, so with the way things are going, our guess is that this might be a one-day-only sale.
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