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Vena Cava, Loeffler Randall Team Up for a Sale; Malia Mills Re-Opens

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SOHO—Hope you didn't spend all of your money at the roughly sixty sample sales that have already taken place this month, because a whopper of a shopping event just landed in our inbox. Ladies and gentlemen—OK, mostly ladies—gird your loins for Vena Cava and Loeffler Randall, running from June 2 through June 4 at 457 Broome Street. If for some reason this news hasn't already led you to clutch your wallet and sob for mercy, then please take a spin through Racked National's 60-image gallery of Loeffler Randall's spring collection. [Racked Inbox]

ATLANTIC AVENUE—Last Saturday, just-opened swimwear store Malia Mills was forced to shutter after a fire broke out in the back office. No merchandise was damaged, luckily, and the store will re-open tomorrow. [Carroll Gardens Patch; Racked Inbox]

Malia Mills

199 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 625-2311 Visit Website

Vena Cava and Loeffler Randall Sale

457 Broome Street, New York NY