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Calypso St. Barth for Target is Bright and Bounteous in Queens

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The last time we took the R train out to the Target at Queens Place Mall, we found their collabs a mess, mostly thanks to Zac Posen's convertible red dress that tangled up in everything within 3 feet of it. This time around, however, for the Calypso St. Barth x Target launch yesterday, an abundance of fresh stock was on display and the bright colors were an immediate draw.

This Target carries most of the collection, with the exception of some clothing pieces, the large kitchen colanders, the metallic furniture poufs and assorted other small household items. Chances are, if you see it on the internet and are undecided as to the quality or fit, take a couple hours to come here and your decisions will be quick.

The losers of the collection:
We originally had our eye on this dress online, but seeing it in person revealed that the fabric is too sheer to pull it off as a dress. It's better suited as a swimsuit coverup, sadly, and the very sheer caftan approached muu-muu levels of making us look pregnant. A final disappointment was the embroidered ruffle dress, which looks amazing on, so long as you stand still. Any movement of your arms flips up the bottom of the ruffle, necessitating smoothing out, and the outer fabric is a bit clingy to the slip underneath. The bags and jewelry accessories are also universally meh.

The winners of the collection:
Where other stores are focusing on white, white, and off-white for summer, we're immensely relieved to find some color in this collection. The patterns are paired with pretty great details, especially with regard to neckline beading.

Our absolute favorite piece may come as a surprise, since it's from the sleepwear section: this "sleep robe," which is so shockingly flattering on that we'll forgive it the tie-dye. Do we plan to sleep in it? Nope?this kimono-wrap top is a new lightweight top perfect for layering. Other winners include the crochet bib tunic (in a couple colors), the embroidered tie-waist tank (which looks like it belongs on Anthropologie's racks with a $75 pricetag), the embroidered tank dress and the maxi dress, which wasn't nearly as horrible a fit as we thought it'd be.

The Calypso clothes for babies and little girls are almost all there, even the sandals and scarves. Homegoods are a bit harder to find, and are running quite low already after having obviously been raided by eager buyers earlier in the day.

In fact, since we were at Target nearing closing time, we overheard several employees commenting on the collection. One remarked she was surprised the blue bikini hadn't already sold out, another was readying to buy a set of the blue-green ombre drinking glasses, and yet another?our cashier?rang up our one piece of Calypso and proclaimed that she was impressed with all the bright inventory that'd been brought in over the weekend.

Now there's no guarantee this stuff won't be in piles on clearance in a few months, but if it does, the Queens Target is the place to go. Right now, there's a wall of the re-issued Go International collab dresses for 50% off, and even more in the clearance racks in section. Just note that almost every single one of these dresses is made for women with boobs B-cup or smaller. The Proenza Schouler dress may as well come with a tag warning it's for adolescent boys only.

In the same vein, note that the Petites and Plus-size Calypso seems to be restricted to only.
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