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Up Close with Filson's New York-Appropriate Black Wool

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You know who needs to open a store in New York? Filson, the 114-year-old rugged outerwear brand, needs to open a store in New York. We may not have the Pacific Northwest outdoorsy appeal of their flagship store locations in Seattle and Portland, but as we've seen from all this rain lately, there may be an untapped market for hardcore water-repelling duster jackets with an assortment of snaps and zippers. Does the Ace Hotel have any nooks or crannies left for a little Filson capsule? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Filson's temporary home for this week was appropriately the Ace, where we stopped in to their showroom to caress the moleskine collars, peek at the second round of the Filson x Levis collab and the first round round of the Filson x Sebago collab, and pet gloves made of buffalo fur (!!).

Now for the good news and bad news. The good news: If you're used to spotting hot guys around town toting their Filson bags, get ready for an increase as Filson is finally introducing the styles in black wool, plus black wool clothing and black bridle leather accessories. Mmm black?the uniform of New York. The bad news: All of this is their Fall/Winter 2011 collection, which won't be hitting stores until the end of summer at the earliest.

Bonus good news: F/W 2011 brings Filson's first denim style, a straight-leg selvage jean that's sure to kick the Japanese Filson fans into overdrive. No word on who in NYC will carry it, but it couldn't hurt to give some shops a call when the weather once again calls for long pants.
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