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Men's Shirt Prices Went Up Ten Bucks at the Steven Alan Sale

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Men, we've got good news and bad news about the Steven Alan sale, which kicks off this morning and runs through Sunday at 5pm. The good news: The selection of house-brand shirts is more diverse than ever, ranging from dusty pink plaids to banker blue solids, and they're packed in tightly, meaning that you'll find more than you expect once you start pawing through the racks. And now for the bad news: For as long as we can remember, a button-down long-sleeved shirt by Steven Alan has cost $68 on sale. This time around, they're $78.

Like last year, all of the Steven Alan merchandise is stocked in the basement, with other Alan-approved labels on the first floor. We liked summery Relwen polos for $29 in a rainbow of colors, but guys who are skeptical about orange stripes will appreciate the racks stuffed with more conservative Operations shirts in pink, chambray, and blue-and-white gingham for $45 each. Chen's Studio also makes an appearance upstairs with even more shirts for $45. As always, there's a shoe section with Generic Surplus sneakers—totally reasonable at $25, even if you need a certain swagger (is that the word?) to pull off the ones made of mesh.

Downstairs in Alan-ville, we found rack upon rack of button-downs, including cute short-sleeved textured ginghams (great for throwing on after a day of surfing, especially if you live in California and it's 1965) and bold short-sleeved florals that would go nicely with a gin and tonic. This time around, prices are clearly marked on signs above the racks. Short-sleeved shirts are $68. Men's pants are $75, though Lee jeans in fancy packaging are pricier. Shorts, also mostly very California-in-the-'60s (possibly by way of the '80s), are $35. Current-season cardigans and hoodies are $125, but fall sweaters and cardigans run $45 and aren't all too bulky or dour for springtime.

A handsome army-green jacket, also pretty seasonless, was $95—and probably got snapped up first thing. Tees are three for $75 or $35 each, which happens to be the same pricing scheme on ties. (That's also an increase, since last time you could get four for $50.) For thicker, more winter-appropriate garment-dyed shirts, you'll pay $45.

At this point, Steven Alan fans know the drill: Go early, go for the shirts, go knowing that you'll get a nice discount but not a rock-bottom deal. Is the extra $10 a deterrent? One male friend of Racked says he feels like the prices jumped from "you know, something in the $60-range" to "nearly $80!" but it all probably depends on your own personal relationship with the concept of a ten-spot.

Update: We just spoke to a shopper who was charged $68 for a shirt despite the $78 sign. Developing...

Update 2: Steven Alan PR confirms that $78 is indeed the price. Looks like our tipster just got lucky.
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