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The Louboutin Sale is Rapidly Running Out of Size 38

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Outside the Christian Louboutin sale, the line is still as slow as molasses. Inside the Louboutin sale, meanwhile, the supply of average sizes is dwindling. We just heard from a shopper who think she bought the last pair of black kid pumps in a 38.5 ("I bet everyone on line hates me," she writes.) In general, the shelves for sizes 38 and 38.5 are seriously depleted, unless you're in the market for boots, espadrilles, flamboyant stilettos, or smudged white satin pumps. At this point, 38s might want to ditch the line entirely. Anyone who wears under 36 or over 40, though, should still be good.

In other news, at least one person waiting on W. 38th Street appears to be wearing spiky Louboutin sneakers.

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