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Bird Owner Jennifer Mankins's Closet Sale Is Almost Over Already

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From 5pm to 8pm this evening, Bird owner Jennifer Mankins is selling some of the overstock from her extremely well-edited closet at the mini-empire's Cobble Hill outpost. Below, fearless Racked reporter Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene.

5:00pm: Just showed up and it's packed! Looks like the rain stopped just in time.

5:08pm:So there's maybe about thirty girls here. Actually probably more than that, and also one baby.

5:09pm: Also, Jen and co. said this was the first year there's been a line for the sale.

5:11pm: There's actually almost nothing left on the racks already! People snatched up most of the closet merchandise and are now onto the 20% off regular Bird merchandise

5:17pm: So far the brands I've seen (what's left, at least) are MM6, APC, Sigerson Belle.) Yea! The woman next to me has grabbed about 3 APC button downs in different colors...which I see now are men's shirts, all 25 bucks each. What a nice girlfriend!

5:18pm: One woman snatched up the Phillip Lim sneakers right as I was gravitating toward them.

5:25pm: Just witnessed one woman ask if she could try the left foot on of a pair of Loeffler Randal gladiator sandals while a woman already had the right foot on. The woman's response: "Um...I'm trying them on."

5:27pm: I can't tell if she's going to buy them or not (they're 100 bucks) but now I think she might just out of spite.

5:33pm: Jennifer Mankins is telling people, "Shop the new pretty things. Leave the old closet stuff behind!"

5:36pm: She says that a little green crocheted Tsumori sweater and a beautiful Rachel Comey dress were both too hard to get rid of, so she kept them. She's giving the Rachel Comey dress to her sister instead.

5:37pm: She also says this is the first time she's done men's (it's her husband's stuff) and it was fun "going through the memories" while they were pulling everything. Cute, right?

5:38: She's also greeting people by saying "Welcome to the remnants of the closet sale." This might be our cue to exit.


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