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Sodden Fashion Editors Queue Up for Louboutins

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We're not standing in line outside the Christian Louboutin sale this morning because the PR team told us we could only come if we promised not to cover it. That's right, folks: Our unwavering devotion to bringing you live sale updates has officially gotten us in trouble with the shoe authorities. Luckily, Fashion Indie editor Samantha Lim has been live-Tweeting line updates all morning. She found about 20 people shivering in the rain on W.38th Street when she arrived around 8am. Circa 9am, the first two shoppers emerged, one (male) carrying a garbage bag full of shoes and the other (female) holding a shopping bag. Shortly thereafter, another man left with 14 pairs. Either he's got a very happy girlfriend, a very creepy fetish, or a very successful eBay business.

Meanwhile, the official Fashion Indie Twitter account reports that one woman brought her toddler to the sale, while another wore her Loubs to stand on line in the rain—both borderline abusive decisions, if we may be so judgey. They also hear that the sale isn't replenishing, which should make tomorrow's press day and the two subsequent "public" (though still invite-only) days even crazier.
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Christian Louboutin

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Christian Louboutin Sale

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