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The Nanette Lepore Sale: It's Raining Samples

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The combination of racks bursting with well-priced samples and a heavy morning rainstorm—which kept the throngs away—means that there are still a ton of great deals to be had at the Nanette Lepore sample sale.

Before we get to the current stock, which comes in all sizes, we have to address the sample racks, which feature more samples than Nanette Lepore has had at any of her recent sales. As usual, the sample offerings also include stray stock pieces from older seasons as well, so there are at least a few pieces in every size. Most are size twos, but, if you see a sample you like, you might want to try it on anyway, as not all the twos run true to size.

Samples and prices we spotted included blazers for $50, tops between $60 and $65, shorts for $40, pants between $40 and $50 and most dresses running in the $40 to $100 range. There are also a few stunning black leather dresses for just $120— the original retail tag was more than three times that price.

Do not fear, Nanette's current season's lines are well represented, too. There is a lot of regular stock from this season—in all sizes. We found quite a few pieces we had liked from her stores, including some great dresses in florals and bold pinks. Pieces from the eponymous Nanette Lepore line include dresses for $145, jackets at $195, and skirts, tops, sweaters and pants all for just $95 each.

Prices on the stock from Nanette's lower-priced and more casual Oonagh line run between $40 for t-shirts all the way to $195 for long dresses. However, most dresses are between $95 and $100 and tops are between $40 and $95.

For the first time at a Nanette sale, we spotted a lot of her leather purses—all priced in the $100 to $200 range. But the real steal of the sale are the shoes. Those striking wedges that everyone is showing for summer? The sale has a few different styles for just $50 a pair.

The Nanette Lepore sale is running for three days. There will be restocking, but most of it will just be for the current season's merchandise. So grab your umbrella and your wallet and head over there now.

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