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All Is Well and Organized at the Theory Women's Sample Sale

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The women's Theory sample sale, going on right now at Clothingline, (thankfully) couldn't have been more organized. We showed up today amid the drizzling rain and encountered a line that looked far worse than it was. Despite the fact that we were standing behind at least 50 people, the line moved quickly—after all, Clothingline is a gigantic space.

There is (of course) a bag and coat check as soon as you walk in, and after that, a large open room full of your typical Theory merchandise: Tons of trousers and blazers, conservative, yet transitional dresses to carry you from a day at the office to a night out, and basic silk tops that can easily be paired with just about anything. And best of all, everything is organized by size.
The price breakdown was also extremely simple and goes as follows: Blouses and knits are $79, sweaters are $89, shorts are $69, skirts are $89, pants are $99, dresses are $109, blazers are $159, outerwear is $199, and leather is $249.

Sizes two and four have the biggest amount of selection. However, we're pleased to say that the same items we saw in size two, we also saw in almost all other sizes. Better yet, it seemed as if each size offered at least four or five pieces of most of the styles. The style selection was smaller for size tens, though, and there were only about three racks for size twelves. Rest easy though, there was still tons to peruse.

A few highlights include your basic run of trousers, found in black silk, navy, and gray and most of which were also hung next to accompanying blazers. The dress selection was also impressive, with some key pieces being a long mustard-colored maxi dress, another dress with a white button-down top stitched to a black skirt, and some easy jersey dresses in a variety of colors.

There were loads of silk tops in Theory's staple colors of black, creme, and navy, as well as, some brighter options in fuchsia, purple, and yellow. There are also more white button-downs that you could ever want for, so if you're looking to score anything at all work-appropriate, you'll find it at the sale. Also, there's a booth area with several items hanging behind it and sales associates will pleasantly assist you in retrieving your size.

Does this all sound good to be true? Don't worry—we haven't gone soft—the biggest gripe has to be the line for the fitting room. Sure, we're ecstatic whenever there actually is a fitting area, but it seemed as though every person that came through the sale's doors took their maximum of ten items to the very long fitting room line. And you are absolutely not allowed to try anything on outside of the fitting rooms—the staff made sure of that, despite the girls who showed up in flip-flops because it would be "easier to try things on this way."

And before we sign off: That slim-chance of a Theyskens' Theory piece showing up was slimmer than we thought: We (sadly) didn't see any. Pictures are also not allowed (we managed to get about four in before politely being asked to stop), so you'll have to head over there for yourself to really get the proper eyeful.

Update: Clothingline staffers have confirmed that the sale in fact does carry Theyskens' Theory. T-shirts, blouses, shorts, pants, dresses, blazers and two styles of bags are all to be found on the racks across from the regular Theory knits section. Rejoice!

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