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Decadestwo Owners Prove They're Ready for TV at the VIP Auction

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The Decadestwo pop up opens today, but last night, owners Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos welcomed a crowd of VIPs and MC'd a designer gown auction to benefit non-profit the Art of Elysium. If there was any question about how entertaining the duo will be in their upcoming Bravo reality series, last night left us with pretty much zero doubt that Cameron and Christos are going to kill it. The designer vintage and consignment co-owners hilariously cajoled the crowd with their quick-witted off-the-cuff repartée. Think Cheech and Chong minus the herbs, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson with way more sartorial sense, or Amy Poehler and Tina Fey but dudes.

When the boisterous crowd wouldn't shush during the auction of gowns by designers including Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Bob Mackie, Christian Lacroix, Claire McCardell and Arnold Scaasi, Cameron pleaded to the offenders, "If you're talking now, there's a child in need!" Later, he scolded, "I'm doing the whole Jerry Lewis thing now and I'm going to start sweating my ass off!"

When the bidders were reluctant to part with their money for a historically important but hard-to-wear Giorgio Sant'Angelo color-block jersey number, the two hit hard with a fast-paced double-team approach: "Come on, you're from New York. You're not that poor. The recession's over. LA is worse." Still silence. "I don't want people to think that you're cheap. I'm going to tweet that you're cheap."

But at least they were honest. For example, when introducing the royal purple 70s-era Halston jersey gown, Cameron laid it all out there. "We're looking for a girl with no hips." More specifically: "It would fit a size six...who doesn't have hips."

In the end, the never-worn red McQueen empire waist gown went for a relative steal of $700, the hip-unfriendly Halston for $700, and a Cher-tastic Bob Mackie for a true bargain of $400. The Oscar de la Renta lace ballgown (which had sat, unworn, in the closet of a Houston socialite) hit the big money for $1000. Throughout the evening, eclectically dressed guests sipped on tequila cocktails and shopped for bags and frocks upstairs while others cleaned up downstairs. We saw some girls ringing up three pairs of heels at a time.

When we caught a moment with Christos, we tried interrogating him about the still-unnamed show, but he held strong. "I can't comment on it. I wish I could. But I can't!" he exclaimed. Regardless, we're readying our DVRs for the day Bravo delivers us the drama behind vintage and consignment fashion, in the same vein as baby store owners and histrionic housewives.
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