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Man Repeller Successfully Confuses, Frightens Guys at Bloomingdale's

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In case you missed it yesterday evening, bloggy shooting star The Man Repeller (aka Leandra Medine) "pulled a Daphne Guinness" and did her thing in department store windows for an hour. Unlike Guinness, however, Medine's act of dressing mannequins in Tibi lasted longer than nine minutes, went down at Bloomingdale's, and actually entertained the crowds on the sidewalk.

Medine promised to follow her own style advice, including "Just add a bowtie," "Put a turban on it," and "Where the shit are your feathers?" The looks were sadly lacking in avian decoration, but perhaps the most important decider for the success of the evening is whether or not Leandra repelled men on Lexington Avenue? The answer: A resounding totes, yes.

A crowd of devoted female readers, kitted out in maxi skirts and flatflorms, was constantly questioned by male passersby: "What's going on? Is she famous?" Once the dudes heard the responses to contain the words "blogger" and "dressing mannequins," they were outta there. It seems nothing repels men more efficiently?maybe more so than a turban or arm kerchief?than a pop-up fashion performance lacking cleavage.
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