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Knee Belts: The Sign of the Fashion Apocalypse

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Four horsemen? Psshaw?the signal of the impending apocalypse is nothing so dramatic. Since some radical groups believe that the world will end on May 21, we're taking the appearance of knee belts on the mannequins at some random womenswear boutique on Lexington Avenue as a sure sign of the end of the world.

"Knelts," anyone?

Don't give up just yet; there's still hope for the future! It's always been said that there's nothing new left to create in fashion. One look at knee belts, however, and you'll be convinced otherwise. Heck?there's still plenty of other places to wear belts?elbow belts, toe belts, ponytail belts. Why stop at belts, while we're at it? We're envisioning boob scarves! Belly button lipstick! Wrist fascinators! That last one would probably just be a fancier new name for corsages, but you get the idea.

Knelts, produced in a preppier style, would be just the thing to accessorize our new pair of JorJeggings!
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