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Details on the Invite-Only Christian Louboutin Sale, Revealed!

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A pair from last season's sale

When we pulled together our list of 40 sample sales happening this month, one that was noticeably missing was Christian Louboutin. For a second, we thought maybe there wasn't going to be one this season, but it just turns out that the details for the invite-only sale were just a little harder to come by this year. (Which isn't much of a surprise, since breaking into that sale is like breaking into Fort Knox.)

In any case, Madison Avenue Spy has the rundown. The sale will go from May 17 to May 20 at 306 West 38th Street, third floor, per usual. Hours are as follows: Tuesday (press day) and Wednesday, 8am to 6pm; Thursday, 9am to 5pm; Friday, 9am to 3pm. At previous sales, the (mostly crazy-colored) shoes have been priced anywhere from $150 to $400—so you better get there before Blake Lively. In a previous sale, Lively allegedly snagged 50 pairs before any of us normal folk even had a chance.
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Christian Louboutin

965 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 212-396-1884 Visit Website

Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

306 West 38th Street, New York NY 10018