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Scenes from Inside the Manolo Blahnik Sale

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After a breezy four-hour wait, our unstoppable sample sale reporter Fawnia Soo Hoo has finally entered the Manolo Blahnik sale. Since it ends at 3pm, we're bringing you the inside report in liveblog form. Watch the space below as the updates roll in.

11:47am: It's pretty buzzy in here. People are hoarding, but it's not too pushy or crazy.

11:48am: Size 8.5 is pretty depleted, but I see some sexy bootie styles and skins in 39. I also came across some semi–beat-up samples, so do look carefully.

11:50am: Shoes are flying around this time, too. It's so quiet without André Leon Talley.

11:52am: Holy crap, it's like a mountain of shoes in sizes 41 and 41.5.

11:55am: I see cage stilettos, satin strappy heels, furry stiletto boots, cut-out and slashed booties, stiletto spat booties, sequined ankle boots—it seems like the style with "flair" are still around. Not too many exotic skins, but for $250 a pair, it makes sense that they went fast.

11:58am: Sizes 38 and 38.5 are pretty depleted. 37 is decent. I even spot a pair of python kitten heels. 35 is plentiful as usual, and as always, 36 and 36.5 are limited.

11:59am: Lots of gold strappy stilettos in size 37.

12:00pm: Wait, I lied. Not a lot of 35 and 35.5 after all, but 36 is plentiful.

12:02pm: Ooh, I spot a pair of lace-up python slingbacks booties with peep toes in size 37. Pretty!

12:04pm: People's hoarding piles are on average about 15 pairs. I'd say the purchase average is five pairs.

12:05pm: I think I see those J.Lo Manolo Timbs in baby blue and camel. Ha.

12:09pm: There's a table of shoes that look like they're on display, but they're actually lone shoes missing their mates. Hope they turn up.

12:10pm: So I asked a staffer and apparently everything is out now, but unless you're size 38, 38.5, or 39, things still look promising.

12:15pm That's pretty much it. Outside in the waiting room, they're on N. They take your ticket when you enter, so there are no opportunities to resell a used ticket here. Just kidding, Manolo—I would never!

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