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One Day In, Rebecca Minkoff Is Well-Stocked and Downright Peaceful

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Upbeat music, a big selection of purses and clutches, and a large enough space to house everything made us feel welcomed when we arrived at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale this afternoon. With no line, we couldn't have been happier. The space was busy, but not overwhelmingly crowded—you could put your potential purchases down for a breather without worrying that they'd disappear. Bags and accessories were a bit more disheveled than they were this morning, but staff was working hard to line them up and replenish the stock. There was a colorful collection of bags, including multiple Morning After and mini Morning After bags, a slim selection of shoes, and a fast-selling collection of accessories.

Multiple Morning After bags ($327), Knocked Up bags ($316), and Everyday bags ($302) were piled high on the center tables. Circle quilt clutches were available in ivory, teal, and butter tones. Zip clutches were $182, originally $295 to $330, mostly in darker colors such as black and deep red. In a statement long ago, Minkoff said she liked to put a business card in each Morning After bag to remind the owner of the night before with a fictitious handsome man named Vincent. Apparently Vincent has changes his taste in purses—we didn't find many of his cards in the MABs, but they were abundant in the large number of cross-body mini-bags nearby.

The shoe selection was small, with samples sized 6 and 7 ranging in price from $150 to $180. Next to that table was a large selection of specially priced sample bags. In the pile we found a Virginia laptop case ($107), canvas bags for ($150), and other colorful samples with similar prices.

In the opposite corner, plenty of Covet and Covette Bombe bags ($217) were stocked in ivory, purple, and reddish-orange colors. Opposite the checkout table was a slender selection of accessories. A few Fling clutches ($178), studded and not studded make-up cases ($48), iPhone cases ($27), and e-book cases ($69) were available. There was only one scarf left, but seeing as how it was the last of its kind, we think it's probably taken by now.—Jena Glick
?Mountains of MABs, MACs and Mini Bags at the Rebecca Minkoff Sale
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