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It Feels Like Summer at the Suno Sample Sale

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This afternoon, we headed over to the Suno sample sale at 242 West 38th Street, making a small dent in our (gigantic) list of 40 sample sales happening this month. The sale opens to the public tomorrow, and by the looks of what we saw this afternoon, it's worth checking out.

For starters, be prepared: The space is pretty small and it's kind of hot in there. But Suno's prints are so summery that the heat makes you want to buy more. (The Beach Boys were also playing in the background, so that helped, too.) Also, the prices aren't all that cheap, but Suno is kind of expensive to begin with so you're still getting a deal—the sale is advertised as up to 70% off of past collections. Mostly everything was in the $150 to $300 range, with a few surprises dipping below the $100 mark (like sequined hats and gloves) and even a $20 box of plain jersey dresses.

Also be prepared to set aside a good amount of time to sift through it all, because nothing is organized in any sort of way. Not by print, not by color, not by style. But—and this is what's most important, right?—the selection was good and the sizes plentiful, so we didn't mind.

That being said, here's a rundown of some items that stood out. There were a lot of cute cropped blazers, like a printed purple one and another blue one, both with beading along the sides, for $254. There were also two heavier wrap ponchos, one in a purple pattern and another that was black and white, for $314 each.

There were also a ton of tops, like a red mock-cheetah print (and a blue one, too) for $152, geometric-print tank tops for $90, and other printed blouses for $92. Pants were sparse, but we did find a wool pair embellished with sequins, if you're feeling so inclined, for $275.

The good thing about Suno is that if you like one print, you can pretty much buy it in a bunch of different ways—in a skirt, a shirt, and a dress. A thick techno fabric purple dress with three-quarter sleeves and a full skirt was one of the pricier pieces at $380, but if that's too much for you, you can buy the miniskirt version for $138. Other printed skirts with longer hemlines were priced around $120, and a bright yellow tattered mini ran for $150.

Like we said, nothing is really sectioned off except for one area of gauzy tribal-print tops and shifts in the corner, which is so packed full of merchandise we could barley pull any out to have a look. This is also the same area that houses the mirror, so be prepared to elbow your way in past all of the eager, topless girls if you want to have a peek at these pieces. From what we could tell, light tunics and tanks were priced in the $100s, but a lot of the longer dresses were at least $200. (We did, however, spot a $40 tank top over here, so maybe it's worth squeezing through all the boobs.)

Oh, and there were bathing suits! But not many. There was a black and white tribal print, a multicolored gingham, and a plaid for $100 a set. Now it feels like summer.
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