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Mountains of MABs, MACs and Mini Bags at the Rebecca Minkoff Sale

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Tis the season to work on your sample sale line tan. Of the slew of upcoming sales, we dropped in on what's sure to be one of the largest and craziest: the Rebecca Minkoff bonanza.

Every season, Minkoff takes over a space the size of a small warehouse and lays out about a warehouse-full of her bags, accessories and clothes for the diehard fans to gorge themselves on. It's truly a feeding frenzy if you've ever experienced it. During rush hours, the line to checkout is all switchbacks and women loaded down with 5 heavy leather bags on each arm struggle to keep from passing out of both excitement and exhaustion.

Have a protein bar and loads of patience (and dress to be standing in a warm room for a while).
We peeked in just before the doors opened for VIP night, and saw tables overflowing with Rebecca's bright and buttery leather bags. For more affordable options, there's always canvas or denim version of the signature styles; these make popular, easy-to-grab gifts as you can imagine.

Regardless, we recommend making a bee-line for the true samples in the back to the right. There you'll find shoes in sizes 6 and 9, and one-of-a-kind purses marked down to reflect their sample status. It's a grab-it-or-it's-gone deal, unlike the rest of the stock which will be continuously replenished throughout the sale.

Unfortunately there's no comprehensive, easy-to-reference price list at the sale. Instead, each section of one style of bag is labelled with papers taped to the table, so look down. It's pretty safe to say, however, that if you're holding a bag, it'll probably be somewhere between $180-$350. To narrow that down a bit, we went around and jotted down quite a variety of prices (and this is only a selection!):

Admirer: $261 from $475
Boyfriend: $178 from $295
Cherish Tote: $206 from $295-375
Clutch Bombe: $182 from $330
Covet: $217 from $395
Covet Bombe: $217 from $395
Dear Tote: $302 from $550
Dear Tote Canvas: $217 from $395
Delight: $272 from $495
Elisha: $302 from $550
Everyday: $302 from $550
Everyday Baby: $316 from $525-575
Fanny Bag Denim: $137
Fatale: $162 from $295
Fling Clutch: $178 from $325
Honey Pouch: $189 from $345
Knocked Up Baby Bag: $382 from $695
MAB (Morning After Bag): $327 from $525-595
MAB Mini: $303 from $495-550
MAB Backpack: $178 from $325
MAB Bombe: $327 from $550
MAB Mini Bombe: $303 from $525
MAB Nylon Quilt: $192 from $350
MAC: $182 from $295-330
MAC Denim: $137 from $250
MAC Zip: $182 from $295-330
Matinee: $327 from $595
Mini Matinee: $272 from $450-495
Nikki: $327 from $495-595
Mini Nikki: $261 from $475
Obsession (Fluoro Snake): $182 from $330
Paramour: $272 from $495
Rapture: $327 from $595
Rikki: $316 from $575
Swing: $182 from $330
Swing Slouch: $233 from $425
Tess Canvas: $217 from $395
True Love: $272 from $495
Tryst: $272 from $495
Virginia Laptop Case: $107 from $195
Vixen: $247 from $450
Zip Clutch: $182
3-Zip Rocker: $107 from $195

Cheeky Pouches: $30 from $55
Leather Pouch small: $35 from $65
Leather Pouch medium: $41 from $75
Leather Pouch large: $46 from $85
Mixed 3-piece pouch set: $99 from $150-180
Passport Wallet: $123 from $225
Zip Wallet small: $69 from $125
Zip Wallet large: $88 from $160

One last note: if you go, you're invited to enter your email into a drawing for a free bag of your choice. You don't have to buy anything to enter; just find the entry box and watch your inbox because winners will be chosen every evening.
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