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At the Erica Weiner Sale: $10 Earrings, Vintage Name Bracelets

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It's a fabulous time to be a budget-happy jewelry shopper. The week started with the amped-up rocker-glam nOir sale, and it's ending with a charity sale for Japan, but in between, let's take a look at the quieter and more delicate styles at Erica Weiner. Billed as her "biggest sample sale ever", the event offers both one-of-a-kind vintage-incorporated samples and discounts up to 40% off on her collection pieces.

Just because the styles are on the low-key and daintier side, that doesn't mean the sale was quiet, however. At the noon opening, bargain-hunting lunchtime customers quickly crowded around the vintage earrings and the sample table. The $10 earrings are plentiful and diverse: Brass beetles, gold butterflies, mesh fabric bow ties, bronze leaves, kelly green alligators and more. It was so easy to pick up a handful at a time.

Also popular were the adorable name bracelets in gold (well, gold-looking) and silver for just $4 each. The choices definitely ran the gamut of popular retro-monikers like Sheila, Judy, Pat and Norma, but we did see some more theater referential names like Carmen and Gigi. Of course in an era of Apples, Kal-Els and Sevens, finding a namesake piece might be challenge, but it is a fun rummage, for sure.

The sample trays and stands held necklaces, rings and various other vintage items with pricing starting around $20. Amongst the pieces, we spied a classic heart-shaped locket with engraving ($20), a single vintage key hanging on a chain ($40), super adorable "we love" state charm necklaces for South Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan ($30-something), a lovely oval brass locket with a tassel—very Natalie Portman at the Oscars—on the clasp ($45) and a beautiful pair of sterling and quartz dangle-y earrings ($110).

Along the walls, look for little boxes of vintage brass bow rings ($20), leaf styles ($25) and feather shapes ($35). There are also gunmetal-plated mesh bracelets ($20) and hundred-year-old brass bangles from India ($16).

The sale doesn't stop at the vintage and sample items. The Erica Weiner collection items are on sale, too and designated by a rectangular tag (check the explanatory sign or ask a super nice sales staffer to verify). The discounts run: 20% off necklaces, 30% off rings and 40% off bracelets. We snagged a pair of brass (it looks like gold) gingko shaped mesh earrings for $20 (originally $25) and admired a matching necklace for $56 (originally $70), an irreverent scissor-charm chain for $48 (originally $60), and the signature Erica Weiner leaf rings—$24.50 for the brass (originally $35) and $49 for the silver (originally $70).

The sale takes place in the jewel-box-(har har)-sized Erica Weiner boutique on Elizabeth Street, so it's a great chance to check out the shop if you haven't already. Also, credit card is only accepted for purchases $100 and over. Remember to bring cold hard cash if you only intend to pick up a couple pairs of $10 earrings but we're betting that you'll be tempted to buy more.
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