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John Derian x Repetto: Like Lovely Repurposed Antiques for Your Feet

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Housewares designer John Derian loves anything sweet, French, and old-fashioned, so it's perhaps not the biggest surprise that he's teamed up with Repetto. The ballet flats above, $295, are currently available at Derian's East Village boutique, as well as Bergdorf Goodman, Opening Ceremony, and the Derian shop in Provincetown, MA. Derian says he's tickled by the idea of seeing his sensibility for interiors in the outside world: "I like sharing the beauty of the 19th century imagery I find. I feel my work is about people reconnecting with nature, with all its beauty, charm and mystery. I thought having that type of imagery out of the home and on the street was exciting."
· John Derian [Official Site]