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It's a Printed Silk Factory Over at the Tucker Sample Sale

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This morning's Tucker/Felix Rey sample sale was already packed when it opened up at 9am, and for good reason. Like a thrifty shopper's dream, the sale was beautifully organized; dresses hung with other dresses, blouses were all on the same rack, tank tops had their own home, etc. The price breakdown is real simple: Fall and holiday 2010 is priced at wholesale (just about 60%), resort is 40% off, and a full rack of spring 2011 made an appearance at 20% off. (Prices are all as marked, however, and you'll see that the only thing marked by season is spring.)

If Tucker's signature silk, printed blouses, shifts, and column dresses are your game, then you've hit the jackpot. We arrived when it opened, and it was well-stocked with at least two or three sizes in most available styles. Most of the sizes are size small, but there's so much selection that mediums and larges should be able to find something to take home, especially since Tucker's styles are cut so loose. There are also several cardboard boxes scattered throughout that are marked as either $25 or $40 for Tucker blouses and lightweight fall jackets, as well as $10 and $25 boxes for select Felix Rey bags.

Onto the dresses! Spring 2011 had a lot of charmers, all pretty moderately priced at the 20% off mark, like a safety pin-printed shift in blue or black ($252) and a brown and purple checked one-piece ($205). Items from the older seasons were significantly cheaper, including a summery yellow column dress for $140 and a short black, red and purple floral-printed shift for $130.

There's a rack of silk tanks for $80 each in a variety of patterns. A somewhat-shabby $60 box of mixed goods sits underneath the rack—from what we saw, this was mostly being used by shoppers to discard unwanted items. There's two racks of blouses, the first all priced at $102—floral prints, plaids, an orange Bird of Paradise name it. Another double rack of tops nearby is just slightly more expensive (but not by much), with long-sleeved shirts (some with bow details at the neck!) for $115 or $120.

There are more of those cheap bins, too. $25 and $40 boxes were worth picking through, but most of what was inside were items that were slightly damaged—like a brown and orange printed top with a small rip in the sleeve. Worth your time to just stitch it up with a needle and thread.

As far as skirts go, there aren't too many, and they're tucked in an area by a giant mirror so good luck getting to it. Shorter silk skirts are around the $116 mark, and longer, pleated skirts are about $200.

As for the Felix Rey bags, purple, blue and cream satin clutches are $50, and so are the silver and gold sequined ones. If you're planning on going to the prom anytime soon, these are perfect. Smaller clutches in the same styles, and studded patent leather belts, are going for $25, and a sweet little gold waist belt with a ladybug closure is only ten bucks. (One or two larger brown totes are $50.) There were Tucker bags, too ($35), which were big enough for the beach but were looking a little too cat-lady for our taste.
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