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Gitman Bros. at Century 21; Chain Stores for Roosevelt Island

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FIDI—The Choosy Beggar reports a trove of Gitman Bros. shirts on sale at Century 21. The USA-made button-fronts are $49.97 for more wearable patterns and 39.97 for contrast collars and stranger options. [TCB]

ROOSEVELT ISLAND—For months, Manhattan's little residential offshoot has been looking for a company to take over its dreary retail corridor, which commentators tend to compare to East Berlin. Now, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp has decided to give the lease to a Hudson Companies-Related Companies team. What this means, at least according to our friends at Curbed NY: Get ready for chain stores, li'l Roosey. (They do call it that, right?) [Curbed NY]

Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007 Visit Website

Century 21

22 Cortlandt Street, New York NY