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Rosie Pope of Pregnant in Heels on Those Crazy New York Moms

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Of all the pleasant surprises at the Dressed to Kilt event last night (and there were definitely some big ones), the best was when we happened to run into our new obsession Rosie Pope of Pregnant in Heels infamy. Rosie was on hand to walk the runway and judge the tartan-tastic competition at the Hammerstein Ballroom, so it was the perfect chance to get her thoughts on that whole baby-naming controversy. Kudos to Rosie for having a sense of humor about all this attention.

"Here's the thing," Rosie explained about the overly cautious baby-naming. "You have to watch the show to really see it. New York women do have outlandish requests, but one thing that's true with all my clients—at the end of the day, they all want to be good parents. And that was [the branding-obsessed couple's] way of celebrating their pregnancy. They wanted to give their baby the best name. There is an endearing story."

Speaking of those cray-cray New York moms, what's the craziest request that Rosie has ever handled?

"To design a couture dress to give birth in," she told us, after a moment of thought. As for how much a bespoke birthing gown would run, Rosie responded with a smile, "About $5000."

We know what you're thinking and rest assured, said mommy didn't end up having a nightmare of a post-birthing dry cleaning process afterward. "Actually, she ended up having an emergency c-section. So she put the dress right back on again right after," Rosie quipped.

Well, the cat's out of the bag in terms of the strategically branded baby name and the winner is Bowen. But that's fairly tame compared to the most insane Upper East Side baby name that Rosie's come across.

"Seven," she shared. "Very mathematical."

Wow. Maybe hiring a branding expert to help with baby names isn't sounding so ridiculous after all.

Rosie Pope (right) walks the Dress to Kilt runway via Getty Images

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Hammerstein Ballroom

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