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It's Nearly Impossible to Say No at the nOir Jewelry Sale

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It's that time again, when nOir hauls out their treasure chests of chunky, sparkly, diva-fied cocktail rings and jewelry in the name of a sample sale. We swung by during the packed lunch hour and have to advise you to get. here. fast.

The reason? Women (and some men, as we saw) go gaga over the designs, which range from ornate rings of animals both real and imaginary ($75 at the sale) to tough, spiked bracelets ($25 and up), and even bejeweled Catwoman claws, part of a collaboration between nOir and DC Comics. Of course Lady Gaga is a fan, as is Rihanna, Fergie, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj...really just name a popstar who likes to have glittery things on her fingers while performing.

We've been a fan of their two-finger rings for some time, and no matter how many times we accidentally leave them next to sinks in public restrooms?you're welcome, ladies of NYC?we'll always buy them back. Prices at the sale range from $2 for bracelets to $5 for an assortment of clutch bags, all the way to $100 for the most stunning pieces from the current collection.

The only disappointments? We did not spy the ginormous Brooklyn Bridge ring, nor a ring seem to exist (yet) in honor of the Bronx Zoo's Cobra. Maybe next sale...

Know if you go: The sale is on the 5th floor, and to reach it you must take a street-level elevator. Cash and credit is accepted, and the greatest variety of ring styles exists in the size 6-7 range.
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