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Ludlow's New Boutique, Lulu D, Is Actually Just an HBO Set

Image via <a href->Bowery Boogie</a>
Image via Bowery Boogie

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If this isn't a lesson in how to make it in America, then what is? Despite signage, an awning, and what appears to be a legitimate storefront, Lulu D is not, in fact, a new boutique on Ludlow Street. Bowery Boogie learned that the new shop—which we should really be calling a set—is actually for HBO's How to Make It in America, and was built solely for the show. So if you still miss the old home of Ludlow Guitars, don't expect to find solace in its successor—but perhaps you will see Luis Guzman hanging around downtown for shooting this week or next.—Tiffany Yannetta
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Lulu D

164 Ludlow Street, New York NY 10002