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Women Are Predictably Losing Their Minds at the Matt Bernson Sale

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We officially christen today Frenzy Friday: There was early morning jubilation in old London, Glee is shooting down at NYU (OMG, do you think they'll go shopping?) and a straight up mob scene has unfolded at the Matt Bernson sample sale. But of course we saw this coming based on the frenz-tastic sale last year and, honestly what else can you expect for $40 leather sandals, flats, clogs, and wedges?

We arrived about 15 minutes in and the place was already in mid-wreckage. Rampant hoarding had already begun, as evidenced by little landmine piles of shoes everywhere. Now, the sale is organized into two sections: The main section holds various styles separated by size in bins. The sizes run from five to eleven, but the most selection is from sizes six to nine. The pricing is easy: $40 for everything that is not a shearling boot, which is priced at $100.

As for styles in the bins, we have to be honest and it seemed like there was a lot from last year, including the KM Gladiator in various colors and patterns (usually $169), the Love Stud slip-on sandal in grey, black and metallic (usually $125) and the Woven Sandal in grey and a metallic-y bronze (usually $176). Sadly, no cut-out, double-buckle detail Sidecars or strappy Marion wedges anywhere.

As for wedges, there were a smattering of rattan, leather bow detail sandals in grey and brown (although the bronze Special Project version was plentiful in the back, more on that in a bit) and some studded clog styles. The wooden clogs were also few and far between and we spotted some low-wooden-heel styles in brown, black and leopard print. We also spied lots of scrunched up ballet slippers and flat oxfords, too, but mostly in sizes seven through eight. Overall, we say just go to where your size is and start pushing and digging through the ravaged bins.

There are also shoes and boots displayed on staffed tables in the back. We saw a bunch of HSN collab Matt Bernson Special Project styles, like the Waverly camo ballet flat and the patchwork leather foldover bootie. We also saw more KM Gladiators, some super strappy metallic gladiators and lots of ballet slippers in solids, metallics and skin-embossing. Good news is that the styles back here come in a wide selection of sizes—just ask a staffer to find the right one for you.

The Matt Bernson folks learned from last time and added a few seats for fitting (although folks seemed to be just resting and waiting in them—precious real estate, people!) and a few mirrors (beware: major crowding) scattered about. Despite the additions, big warning: You will experience a great deal of butt bumpage.

Also beware of stepping on any stray children (and one dog) because they're kind of low to the ground amidst the mayhem. We must say, some of these kids are quite outspoken for their small size. There was one toddler sitting on the floor and blocking access to the size seven clogs while her mother was preoccupied with stockpiling a monster load of shoes. When the kid ran off, we dived in, and she charged right back screaming "Excuse me!" Getting yelled at by a pre-schooler—that's a sample sale first.

The sale is cash only, but you know the drill. Based on the massive bulk of purchases, these ladies seriously raided the ATM beforehand. Also, better go quickly as the goods in the bins will not be replenished. Happy Frenzy Friday and may the force be with you on this one.
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