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Epic Deals on Paul Smith Menswear You Might Not Want

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Had we made it to the Paul Smith sample sale in Soho when it opened yesterday—rather than chasing after deals from Fred Perry and Moschino—we have absolutely no doubt that we'd have needed a cab to help us carry all our parcels home. But today is day two, and to be honest, there's not much left that turned our heads. Don't let that sway you, however—the prices are fantastic and there are a number of great suits left (if that's what you're after), as well as a wide assortment of less shriekingly Paul Smith shirting and ties (think simple stripes rather than macro-paisleys, illustrations of hound dogs, and assorted bird life).

The other nice touch: Stock sizes and not just samples. And it's all spaciously laid out over two sunlit floors in the former Te Casan store that we remember thinking would absolutely not last over Darjeeling tea- and rosehip-laced vodka cocktails at its opening party. Anyway, there's something for everyone—except us—so stop by if you're downtown.

There's a full price list in the photo gallery, so we won't waste your time. But know that suits are $350—lots of gray worsted wool with some double-breasted numbers thrown in—and shirts are $60. That's a pretty fantastic deal considering your average Paul Smith shirt, depending of course on which one of the many Paul Smith lines has it on offer, can run from a bit under $200 on up to $400. There are a variety of stripes and checks on offer, a handful of very tiny or very large florals, irregular dots, a paisley or two—even a ram head print (which had us tempted).

A nice selection of light jackets were priced mostly at $100. We liked a cropped duffel in black watch tartan as well as a red plaid bomber/Baracuta. Pants seem pretty wiped out but there's a decent selection of standard and over-dyed denim (magenta, turquoise) on offer. Check the pockets—some of the over-dyed pairs seem to have some awkward looking trouser-style pockets. But they're only $50. We also considered some jewel-toned cords, tartan trousers and pink micro-seersucker pants—$80 each.

Ties and belts are practically free at $20 and $40, respectively (one retail price we spotted on a gorgeous two-tone leather belt was $450; unfortunately it would barely fit around most single thighs). Ties were mostly of the striped, dotted, or color-blocked variety with a few sporting strange geometric motifs and crazy opium fairy tale illustrations.

Shoes are a crap shoot—some great desert boots and evening lace-ups were mixed in with pretty gross perforated sneakers, clunky sandals and silver things. They ranged in price from $60 to $120. Otherwise, steer clear of some really, really terrible samples that someone probably got fired for coming up with. To wit: A color-blocked, patchwork track jacket in super-shiny, super-slinky satin. The colors: Acid-rasta. There are, unsurprisingly, a lot of those guys left.

The sale runs through tomorrow but go sooner rather than later. There are no fitting rooms but judging from the not-at-all modest dudes of every stripe roaming around shirtless it won't much matter.
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