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Trust in Time-Lapse to Make Billboards Cooler

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There's a new giant ad in Soho. A large, mostly black & white Y-3 billboard went up at Houston and Broadway several days ago, and the time-lapse video above has transformed it from something we may have looked up at once and thought "oh, cool," into commercial artwork that elicits an "ooooh, cooooool."

Time-lapse just makes everything better, but it's especially effective when what's being shown is a large-scale painting, versus a glued-up, printed ad. Painting in each polka dot, communicating the gaunt but earnest features of the model with each brushstroke....It's such a simple ad compared to what you usually see around NYC, but what can we say? We're suckers for time-lapse and behind-the-scenes videos. It's due to be painted over again around May 20, so keep your eyes open for it.

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Y-3 Billboard

Broadway and Houston Street, New York, NY