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Sharps Opens a Secret Barber Shop Inside Le Parker Meridien

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Anna Fischer, 4/12/11

The lobby of high-end midtown hotel Le Parker Meridien is truly a chamber of secrets. In addition to Burger Joint, the '50s-style diner hidden behind a heavy curtain only a few feet from the hotel's official restaurant, the hotel has just opened Sharps Barber and Shop, the British grooming chain's only US location. Actually, don't call it "grooming"—owner Rory MacParland thinks "prep" sounds less "stuffy." And definitely don't call it a salon. This is an old-school men's barber shop, with three old-fashioned chairs and subway tile on the walls. Customers (both hotel guests and outside visitors) can get a shave with a hot towel ($40) or a haircut for $40; a buzzcut or beard/mustache trim runs $25. The shop also carries a range of Sharps products on sale, although anyone who submits to a snip gets to walk away with some free product himself.
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