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Week Two of the Jil Sander Sale Starts Off Solid

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As we begin Week #2 of the surprise two-week Jil Sander Sample Sale on Crosby Street, we bring you good news and bad news from the inside. The bad news first: Prices haven't gone down and size variety is seriously limited, especially in shoes. The good news: There is still much to be bought, everything is either 80% or 90% off, and there's no crowds or lines with which to contend.

And ladies?if you fit a women's Euro size 40 and don't have boobs bigger than a small B-cup, an awesome one-piece swimsuit has your name on it.

To give you an idea of the range of pricing at the sale, the cheapest purse we found was going for $975 retail, while a sequin-covered RTW cocktail dress once commanded over $7,000. The former is 80% off, the latter 90% off; you do the math. For female Jil fanatics, it's heaven. We recommend stocking up on basics, as the separates sections are still quite bounteous, but dresses and coats are meh.

Dudes, sorry to say it, but your section has been raided hardcore. There's several jackets?one $2,000+ retail bomber jacket?and some Jil-standard dress shirts, but nothing outstanding. Even the shoes are nearly wiped out. Stop by only if you're in the area.

The sale is scheduled to wrap up on on Saturday, April 30. We wonder if they'll have enough stock to keep it going until then. Of course, if they drop everything to, say, 95% off, then we'll be back for a few of those lattice leather bags in the back. Yummy.
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