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Tokyo Hipsters Love MTA-Branded Merchandise

<a href="">MTA hoodie</a> and <a href="">tote bag</a
MTA hoodie and tote bag

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Last year, the MTA sold $5 million worth of transit-branded merchandise. And it's not all going to G-train riders with Stockholm Syndrome. According to the New York Post, over 20% of the people who bought MTA t-shirts and baseball hats and shower curtains in 2010 live in Japan. Their business accounted for $1.1 million in sales, though most of that money went to Cosmo Japan, the Japanese licensing company, rather than to the MTA, which only walked away with $111,332. What's with the subway love abroad? Ket Matsuno, professor of marketing at Babson College, tells the Post that Japanese hipsters think wearing MTA logos is sort of subversive, "somewhat similar to the hip-hop or punk fashion."
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