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A Gentleman's-Only Buzzy Boutique Crawl Through Soho

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Welcome to Drunk Shopping, our feature celebrating the time-honored tradition of getting totally wasted while the sun's still shining before buying a bunch of debatably useful stuff that the sober you would be too timid or too restrained to take home. Each Friday we'll cobble together a new itinerary starting you off with a boozy Saturday or Sunday brunch before meandering through a few neighboring retailers and happy hours notable for seasonal specials, limited time availability, fantastic deals, recent openings, or new shipments.

Did anyone catch this New York Times trend piece on hip and heritage menswear boutiques that keep stocked bars flowing as an under-the-radar perk for their gentlemanly clients? Well, we did—and we're sharing the wealth: A Greater Soho Drunk Shopping that could keep your shopping drunk all the live long day.

Start your day with sustenance—the bourbon is coming soon. How about Cubana Café? Unpretentious and borderline-authentic Cuban food awaits. There's an all-day breakfast menu (Cuban French toast with mango, eggs over rice with artichoke salsa) as well as a $10 brunch special that includes a plate, a cocktail, and coffee. And those cocktails—tall, strong, $6 each. Meanwhile, a generous pitcher of not-too-shabby sangria is $10. You could really camp out, but no need to when all your shopping stops serve drinks.

From there your options are virtually limitless. Per the Times, drinks (and, well, shopping) can be had at Billy Reid, Huge Boss, Onassis Clothing, Seize sur Vingt, RRL, and Jean Shop. Pair Billy Reid's rock 'n' roll southern gentleman aesthetic with the house bourbon, enjoy scotch at Hugo Boss, grab a tumbler full of Jack Daniel's at Seize sur Vingt, or toss back a craft beer at RRL.

Meanwhile, the John Ashe shop—which currently offers beer and wine—is on the cusp of launching a series of signature cocktails and virgin soft drink concoctions from tea time to close. Their salespeople are literally getting trained in the cocktail arts before earning the right to mix from one of the shop's antique cocktail trolleys. You know what that means, right? John Ashe's "shirts and ties and pocketknives and waxed canvas tote bags" for everyone!

After all that free booze you're just going to want to continue spending. Our picks: Blue in Green for hard-to-find denim, Palmer Trading Company for perfectly on-trend vintage, Dunderdon for elitist, expensive iterations of the khakis and plaid shirts you can pick up at the Gap, Scout for funky retro tees and fun sunglasses, and Jack Spade because it's there and why not?

As you head back towards Lafayette for an evening cocktail or two, you might as well hit Odin. There, stock up on Richard Chai, Duckie Brown, Burkman Bros., Common Projects and, wow, they still sell Trovata!

A few doors north is Lair, a low-key cocktail lounge with cushy leather seats and a fantastic all-day dim sum menu. The sangrias are epic if you're not feeling the ginger beer. Either way, you're going to want to try the black angus beef dumplings. Seriously.
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Odin - Lafayette St

199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 (212) 996-0023 Visit Website

Dunderdon Workshop

25 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 226-4040 Visit Website

Cubana Café

110 Thompson Street, New York NY