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Under-$75 Finds and Free PBR at the Band of Outsiders Sale

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With only a few hours left of the Band of Outsiders sale, we headed to Soho to check out what's still up for grabs. Immediately we got a laid-back vibe from inside; we're not sure whether it was the small size of the sale, or the fact that more than a few customers were walking around with PBRs, that gave it away. The sale offers many different selections of casual menswear, with polos, button-downs, and jackets in shades that are perfect for spring. You won't shell out more than $75 for any of the casual pieces, although some of the options for women are still going for hundreds of dollars.

The sale is fairly small, and easy to miss if you're just walking by and don't notice the sign outside saying you are in the right place. But there's a wide variety of options for both men and women. The choices available for women are definitely diminishing, and currently only two or three of the ten racks hold the brand's fur vests, dresses, and blouses. One amazing piece we spotted is a fierce pair of t-strap heels with hardware resembling that of a watch, and there are still half a dozen pairs left. Aside from the women's shoes the brand has a variety of boat shoes and everyday pairs for men. In the accessories department, Band of Outsiders has a massive wall of ties–clip on, bow, and every other variety–for the man about town. Before you leave the sale, there is a table offering up minimally damaged clothing for slashed prices.—Alexa Gordon
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Band of Outsiders

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