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Swedish Hasbeens x H&M: In Stores and Surprisingly Comfortable

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Yesterday, H&M released its collaboration with Swedish Hasbeens, the brand known for their clogs and sandals made from environmentally-friendly materials. The line is more comfortable than we could have imagined. Three pairs in a few varying colors give customers a couple of ways to play up a soft summer outfit. Each shoe has a thick rubber sole to prevent the wood from making too much noise when it hits the floor. The most comfortable and well-constructed pair is the open-back clogs ($69.95). They're a beige snakeskin clog with brown shoe laces to tie up the tops, which makes for adjustable comfort.

Second on our love list are the platform sandals ($59.95). They're strappy around the toes and come in two colors, red and white. They're easy to walk in and although they're wooden, they feel light. The third pair in the collab is a wooden wedge sandal with three ankle straps ($69.95). The choice colors are black, white, and beige. They have the least flexibility amongst the three pairs and felt a little more restrictive because of the many straps along the sandal, so we suggest trying the next size up for comfort.—Jena Glick
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