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Small Group Raids Costello Tagliapietra x Uniqlo, Still Tons Left

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Once the doors opened for the Costello Tagliapietra x Uniqlo launch this morning , the small crowd voraciously descended on the set of collaboration racks. What the group lacked in numbers, they sure made up for in tenacity. Within minutes, the racks had been raided (one harried-seeming mom even clutched a tattered photo guide with one hand while grabbing with the other). The area emptied just as quickly, as the efficient shoppers headed to the unprecedentedly empty first floor fitting rooms. Who could blame them? Every single dress in this collection is $29.90—cheaper than some of last year's collab frocks and much, much less than a mainline Costello Tagliapietra piece.

In store, there were the six styles that we've seen in the preview: the v-neck tie-front (in violet and olive), the asymmetric ruched front (in olive and black), the cowl-neck fitted tunic (in camel and black), the layered tank (in mint green and black), the symmetric ruched-one-sleeve (in navy and khaki), and the tucked-front short sleeve shift (violet, black and grey). Costello Tagliapietra's signature draping, modern cuts, graceful silhouettes, and day-to-evening ease definitely come through even at a lower price point and in Uniqlo's "luxe-basic" fabrics.

In the name of research, we decided to try on a few styles. We highly recommend heading to the fitting room, as the styles and cuts will fit each person differently. (You could also use the "buy it, try on at home, and return it later" tactic—which we never do, of course.) The fits are pretty generous, which is nice, especially because some of the lighter fabrics can cling in all the wrong places if not cut properly. Some dresses do scream for some belt-cinching, though, like the khaki ruched one-sleeve number.

On our way out, we witnessed a few girls purchasing an average of four frocks each. The violet tie-front and navy one-ruched-sleeve dresses seemed to be big hits. It was welcome-to-tumbleweed-town near the racks and the only people milling about were staffers, which really was a shame. We asked a staffer about replenishment, just in case a lunchtime mob or tour bus group swarms in later, and she confirmed that there are plenty more in the back. Or, if you're the betting type, you could always roll the dice and see what makes it to the sale racks later this month.
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