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Crowds Gather on Crosby Street for Surprise Jil Sander Sale

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Yesterday evening, Jil Sander announced a major sample sale at 8 Crosby Street in Soho. We're told there will be "significant discounts" for men and women; look for an update soon on the specific deals. Racked writer Tiffany Yanetta is on the scene, waiting to get in; follow along with her liveblog below.

10:15am: There's only a short line, maybe 15 people.

10:31am They may or may not be letting people in one at a time.

10:42am: Writes another linegoer: "Slowest line ever, one person at a time. Been here for 20 minutes and the line stretches almost to Howard. So far I haven't seen anybody come out with a shopping bag."

10:45am: The line's about twenty people deep, the bulk of which all seem to be Opening Ceremony staffers because everybody has an Alexander Wang bag. No one's around to explain the hold-up save the one employee who opens the gates of Oz for the chosen few, but a man who just left (the first we've seen exit with a bag—or exit at all, really) said there's about twenty people inside, discounts are around 80%, and there's only one or two bags that he thinks are being replaced as they're bought.

10:58am: A tipster emails from inside the sale: "There is some great menswear—an amazing silvery gray overcoat and a black cashmere 2245 and 2295 respectively at 80% off which is insane. I would've snagged it but it was a size too big. They will replenish but right now for men they're missing the essential size 48 in a few things." [Ed note: We're guessing he means $2245 and $2295 pre-discount, but we're waiting on confirmation for that.]

11:10am: I'm in! The crowd is pretty split, gender-wise—more guys than I expected. The announcement said that the sale is open to the public, but there's a sign on the door saying it's private, and I had to show my invitation to get in.

For the full report, head right this way.

Jil Sander Sale

8 Crosby Street, New York NY