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Two Truths and a Lie About Reed Krakoff

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Reed Krakoff and one of his spring 2011 creations via Getty
Reed Krakoff and one of his spring 2011 creations via Getty

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Designer Reed Krakoff tends to be dogged by outrageous rumors. Of course, so do many high-profile fashion figures—this is an industry that runs on both gossip and flamboyant behavior, after all—but with Krakoff, there's the added bonus that the rumors might just be true. Krakoff is a man of extravagant taste, a man who launched a luxury collection with great fanfare at the height of a recession. Maybe he really does have a snakeskin bathroom!

In this week's issue, the New Yorker profiles Krakoff, who is also the guy responsible for transforming Coach from a sturdy, reliable purveyor of mom bags to a wildly lucrative, teen-friendly accessories giant. We've picked out three interesting details mentioned in the article. Two of them are true, and one is not.

1.) Inside Krakoff's Upper East Side town house, "the ground floor bathroom is covered entirely in golden snakeskin and contains a spheroid toilet more stunning than anything the vast majority of the public will ever own."

2.) Martha Stewart catered Reed Krakoff's Bar Mitzvah, later telling an audience at F.I.T., "I still have all his contracts in my files, and all the correspondence I did with his mother about it."

3.) Krakoff can't stand the thought that his wife has ever dated anyone else, even as a teenager. "She's my princess," he said, "and I don't want anyone else ever to have had her."

Think you know which ones are truths, and which one is a lie? For the answers, just highlight the space below:
Martha Stewart might think she catered Krakoff's Bar Mitzvah, but according to his mom, she's confused. "She catered for me personally, for our family, but not for that," Krakoff's mother told the New Yorker."

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