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Explore the Senses While Exploring Cocktails: Rituals at MiN New York

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Starting Wednesday April 27th, MiN New York is hosting a weekly Rituals series—a so-called "journey of the senses" hosted by scent expert Mindy Yang. With topics including "Scents for Foodies," "Perfumed Spirits," and "Aphrodisiacs," the workshops will feature a selection of hard-to-find, MiN-appoved specialty fragrances paired with intricately composed cocktails and specifically selected nibblies.

The cocktails are no joke—this isn't just free Svedka in a Dixie cup topped off with whatever mixer might be left. Co-host and "Cocktail Architect" Yusef Austin is the creator of Boom Boom Room's signature elixirs and a twelve-year master of artfully intoxicating New Yorkers. His drinks contain unique elements like thyme syrup, pink peppercorn dust, pureed plum, and habanero.

All three themes are appealing: The foodie one for the food, the aphrodisiac one if you're that person. But our money is on Perfumed Spirits (May 10th and 24th). From the fact sheet (emphasis ours):

Niche fragrances are like spirits, but some are more potent than others. An increasingly popular trend in perfumery will be experienced through this extraordinary flight of cocktails & scents. This cocktail soiree is not for the faint of heart. Elixirs with gin, vodka, rum, whiskey & absinthe will be served.

Heyyyy! Tickets are $85 a person and are limited to 12 per evening. Events run from 6pm to 8pm.
· Rituals II [MiN]
· MiN New York [Official Site]

Update: A previous version of this post incorrectly referred to Mindy Yang as the co-proprietor of MiN New York.

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