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Everybody Loves-Hates Gwyneth

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It looks like everyone has a love-hate relationship with Gwenyth Paltrow, even former-bankers-turned-authors. Daily Intel has an interview with William Cohan (a former Lazard banker who just wrote a book on Goldman Sachs) in which he compares the investment firm to just about anything he can think of—DNA, flowers in bloom, pigs, college basketball—even Ms. GOOP. "They're the Gwyneth Paltrow of banks, is what I'm hearing?", interviewer Jessica Pressler asks the author. "Okay," he responds. "And yes, Americans, we love this sort of thing. We love a narrative where you build someone up and then we tear them down. We've spent decades building Goldman up, and now they're being knocked off their perch." [Daily Intel]