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Aerie Wants Everyone on Houston Street to Know It Sells Thongs

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For years, worried parents have said that the scandalous Calvin Klein billboards on Houston and Lafayette were a bad influence. Given the ads currently hanging outside American Eagle just a block away, maybe they were actually right.

The teen-oriented brand has installed four signs promoting their lingerie line Aerie alongside the Houston Street side of its Soho store. All four ads star redheaded model Cintia Dicker in her underwear, but one in particular stands out for its display of skin. In it, Dicker is wearing an Aerie thong in a way that makes it really, really clear that it's a thong. Even for Houston Street, it's a lot of ass. Concerned citizens should note that despite her barely-legal looks, Dicker turned 24 in December, so this isn't quite as scandalous as it seems—at least, not until a local news site spots a subliminal message hidden in the scenery.
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