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Fenton/Fallon Sale: Seriously Droolworthy Deals From $5 to $100

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If you missed any of the recent spate of jewelry sample sales, perhaps it's a good thing you saved your dinero because starting tomorrow, Dana Lorenz is throwing the biggest Fenton/Fallon sample sale ever. We had the special privilege of dropping by today for a preview as Dana and her staff were in the midst of setting up and wow, did we feel like wide-eyed kids in an 80's- and 90's-influenced bauble-shop version of a candy store. From development pieces to collabs to spring 2011 Fenton jewels to vintage clothing from Dana's own archive, nothing is priced over $100. Dana's basically cleaning house, so let's get right to it.

Everything is priced by color-code ranging from $10 to $100—not counting the $5 "as is" bin, which holds a plethora of bangles that are missing crystals. They're perfect for bargain-seeking crafty types or people who don't mind wearing a seriously elaborate chunky, braided and bedazzled cuff that's missing only like three tiny crystals. There are lots of fun finds in the $10 section, too, like pastel bandanna-and-chain-embellished chokers, bold and colorful 80's style bejeweled earrings, Dynasty-esque cocktail rings (fun gifts!), and chunky chain bracelets to layer. Also look out for some Tim Hamilton collab leather and chain bracelets for the guys (totally wearable for ladies, although a little big).

In the $20 section, look for the matching Tim Hamilton necklaces (much easier for the ladies to co-opt), heavy-duty statement rings (loved the large square pyramid stud), a coral-esque wood necklace, and black and white chunky plastic chains.

We spent lots of time going through the $30 table, which always holds the most fantastic deals. We loved a gold double rams' head ring (also comes in a dark pewter version), ginormous vintage-looking locket rings, gleaming gold Egyptian motif cuffs, chunky bejeweled crosses and tons of beautiful crystal-encrusted bangles. The $40 area offers lots of dangle-y Swarovski crystal earrings, a beautiful bejeweled cross with a navy velvet ribbon chain, and super adorbs bright-hued geometric charm necklaces. If you missed out on that Brooklyn Bridge knuckle duster at the nOir sale, look for the gold spiked and studded one here.

At $50 and up, shoppers will find more elaborate crystal-encrusted pieces, chunkier and more-twisted rope necklaces signature to Fenton, and eye-catching bangles and cuffs. Definitely check out the $100 rack for the blingiest and flashiest of them all, including the rough-edge rosette and tassled rope necklaces from the Proenza Schouler collab and fall/winter Fenton pieces that usually run between $600 and $1000. There are also a few floral-paneled leather totes from Dana's foray into handbags.

The designer is also generously and reluctantly parting with her own vintage archival pieces including those super fun 80's concert tees (The Bangles, Modern English) for $10 and all tops, separates and tees run to $60. She pointed out an Escada and a Carolina Herrera and hinted that there's much more label-wise to come, including lots of leather pieces that will run from $80 to $100.

We took photos of everything laid out this afternoon, but Dana promises that there's a great deal more in the back that will be out tomorrow when the sale actually opens. Fear not, there are duplicates of most everything that's out on the tables. Also, cash and credit are both accepted. Through our own experience, we suggest stopping by early on in the sale for the best selection, as the merch tends to fly off the tables.
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